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Yesterday, I visited a friend—and her new greenhouse that I hadn’t seen yet. The greenhouse isn’t anything fancy or big—maybe 10 x 10 (that is a random guess, honestly), and filled with an assortment of plants in all stages of life. Airplane plants everywhere, (including babies in the process of growing roots), a rescued orchid being treated for fungus, some gorgeous Hummingbird’s lunch hanging baskets that need re-potting (we found these on a trip to a nursery about six weeks ago—I should have gotten one!), ferns nestled in everywhere, and this lovely succulent:

My research (a.k.a. my BFF’s mom, who owns a garden center) says this is a Desert Surprise Kalanchoe. I now have a sprig of this in some water that I’m desperately hoping roots, because I think it’s a lovely plant. She gave me some catnip seedlings two weeks ago. My two are tucked safely into pots in my patio area, and I’ve taken four or five to a friend who’s making a sanctuary for the plethora of stray cats in her neighborhood (the plants are going atop the grave of her beloved Blackie—her very first cat).

The plants themselves make me happy, but what’s even better is the sense of connection these bring: a sprig from a succulent from her greenhouse now sits on my kitchen counter. Her catnip seedlings now grace my patio and will hopefully bring joy to neighborhood cats 20 miles away.

Sharing plants definitely makes things greener.


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