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tell them they’re pretty

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So, yesterday at work, the patient with the memory problems—they’re afraid she has another brain tumor—came in, and it was obvious she’d been to the beautician and had her hair done. It’s normally in a state of complete disarray—SAME—but it was nicely curled, smoothed, and had had some color applied to it.

I told her, “Oh, your hair looks so cute today!”

Her response was, “It looked better yesterday.”

I wasn’t about to feed into that negativity, so I told her it looked really good—and then I asked a couple of coworkers to compliment it as well. (It really was cute.) They did, and by the time she left, she was smiling.

The compliment was small, but it made a big impact on her mood. Totally worth it.


Author: tamaramorning

Writer. Avid Reader. Eternal optimist with a healthy dose of realist thrown in.

One thought on “tell them they’re pretty

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