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Green=peace of mind

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks, but yesterday I took advantage of the nice weather and spent a couple of hours outside enjoying my garden. It’s only been fully planted for less than two weeks, so there isn’t a lot going on, but there is some.

I have tomatoes! Yellow pear tomatoes, to be exact.
And a tiny strawberry!

Please understand, I know this is something tiny and insignificant, in the gardening scheme of things. But, I’ve lived in this apartment for seven years now, and the only complaint I really had about it was the lack of outdoor space. So when I found out last year I was getting what they call a patio—which is really a small yard with a very nice fence—I was very excited. However, the Texas heat got bad pretty early and I wasn’t prepared so no gardening happened last year. This year, I had plenty of time to research and prepare, so I’m hoping it goes well. And, if it doesn’t, I’m still really enjoying the outdoor space.

Greener is better.

And Darwin is also enjoying his little square foot of contained space out there, which really makes me smile.


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