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I discovered…

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…that gardening is not as much fun when it’s in the 50s.Yesterday was beautiful, and I ended up leaving work early, so I had time to visit the garden center (a.k.a my happy place). I picked up a zucchini plant, a dill plant, and four okra plants, plus another bag of potting soil. Just being there, looking at all the plants, was a joy. And one that I needed on a hard day. (More on that later, when I have time to put my thoughts into words.)

I re-potted my 20-year-old spath plat on Saturday (It’s from my grandfather’s funeral.), and it has not been looking good since then. Some shock is to be expected, but this morning, I discovered that my male cat, Puck, has been getting into the planter and investigating. He’s SO nosy. I added more potting soil, re-positioned the screen covering the soil, and wedged an empty box where he (hopefully) cannot/will not get back in there.

Then I took Darwin outside for a few minutes while I planted my new plants and watered everything else. The cosmos are not looking well at all, although everything else seems fine. Hopefully those flowers will recover. It was a quick gardening session because of the temps and the wind, and I really could have done with a longer—sunnier—time outside. Maybe on Saturday the temps will be a little greener.


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