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Sugar is greener

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Today, sugar is a little bit greener. What do I mean by that? Yesterday, one of our patients made us pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting. Yes, they were delicious—-they have pumpkin in them, that makes them healthy, right?—but the actual best part of the whole experience was how happy they made him. He was just so excited to present them to us that it made me smile. He was even more excited to tell me about his experience making them, but, honestly, as grumpy as he normally is, to see that level of happiness from him, I would have told them they were terrific even if they weren’t. (They really were fantastic, though.) Encouraging someone else’s happiness is definitely a little bit greener, y’all.


Author: tamaramorning

Writer. Avid Reader. Eternal optimist with a healthy dose of realist thrown in.

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