A Little Bit Greener

little things to help make the world a better place

Please, Sorry, Thanks, by Mark Batterson

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Sometimes you read something that can help make the world a little bit greener. Like this book! Batterson, as always, writes in a relatable, conversational tone, like you’re chatting with a friend. He tells you about his own experiences and lets you think about them before making up your own mind. The principles he talks about, however, can make the world around you a little bit greener.

The concept is simple:  use please, sorry, and thanks frequently—words we all learn as toddlers—to make our relationships and interactions with others more positive and uplifting. Period. As I read, I thought about how seemingly little things in my own life made such a huge difference to me—even something as simple as the older gentleman sitting in front of me at church telling me, with a smile, “It’s so nice to hear someone enjoy singing so much.” My singing is, at best, indifferent, but that compliment made me smile. It took two seconds of his time, but it brightened my day.

How many times every single day do I have that same opportunity to show love to other people with three simple words?


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