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Tiny glimpses of green…(gratitude journal) 3/12/23

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This is a place for all the tiny, tiny things that somehow made my day better this week…

-Tuesday: I commute 60 miles, half of it on back/country roads. I was about to leave work when I heard the state highway I take was blocked with a wreck and would be closed several more hours. Blech. That meant going one of two other, longer, back roads ways. Fortunately, as I was setting out, I learned my usual way home was open. Yay for not having to detour and get home even later. (Which also meant I got home before it was totally dark, so I could more easily bring my plants in from outside, ahead of the colder, stormier weather tomorrow night.)

-Wednesday: I knew ahead of time that it would be a stressful, busy, demanding day (with the big boss physically present), so I tried to go into it with a positive mindset. And an energy drink. I try my best, no matter how difficult the day, to always be upbeat with the patients. Their lives are hard enough already. They don’t need extra stress. But, it’s hard sometimes. First thing in the morning, a rep I’ve known for over a decade showed up with a box of bagels, a smile, and a hug. God bless that man for driving over an hour to bring a little bit of cheer on a dreary day!

-Friday: I was unexpectedly able to take the day off….and I got to take a nap! This made the entire week better! (Because, y’all, working in healthcare isn’t for the weak…and I am tired.)

-Saturday: Two of my coworkers want to visit my church with me. They’re driving 2+ hours to go, so I switched from the Saturday afternoon service to the first Sunday service. But, this definitely makes me happy!


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