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Monday was just a normal day in healthcare. (Read: absolute chaos interspersed with moments of calm.) In one of these brief lulls, I could hear one of our (challenging) patients talking to the social worker, and I heard my name.

“Wait a minute, what did I do? I haven’t even been over there!”

Another co-worker said, “No, he says you’re one of the reasons he’s been here so consistently lately, because you always encourage him and check on him and make sure he knows we care about him.”

Y’all. When I met this man, he was so cranky—the slightest little thing would upset his whole day. Now, a year and a half later, after daily effort and taking just a moment to check in with him, see how he’s doing, and make him laugh—he’s like a totally different person! That makes me so happy!

How have you brightened someone’s day lately?


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Writer. Avid Reader. Eternal optimist with a healthy dose of realist thrown in.

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