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What Green Looked Like Today

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Sometimes, the green things can surprise you.

We put a large box in the lobby at work during December, and put donated snacks in it for the patients. Since then, more items have occasionally appeared in it—and just as quickly disappeared. At Christmas, we handed out donated blankets. A couple of weeks ago, I finally put a sign on it (in English and Spanish) that said “If you need something, please take it. All items have been donated by our community.” We know some of our patients are in need, but apart from directing them towards resources, there isn’t much we’re allowed to do.

Today, a patient had me follow her to her car, where she gave me a box and two bags of food items. Of course I thanked her, and as we chatted, she said “Meals on Wheels brings me and my husband food, but we don’t need it all, so I brought the rest here.” And she was beaming when she said, so happy to have the chance to help someone in need.

Think about that: this woman has a chronic illness and a husband that’s seriously ill, too. She is somewhat dependent on Meals on Wheels and other aid to keep them going and help them with things. And she was delighted to be able to give something to someone else in need.

That made the world just a little bit greener today.


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